Timeless aesthetics and unique craftsmanship, derived from a strong heritage of stonemasons, have always been at the centre of the Sansone universe. 

Today, this world is being expanded with new products that are soft and organic in form, but also precise in character. These new products, always made of granite, are a reflection of our company: they combine elegance and sobriety.


The arched plaques and the ogival plaques are an invitation to spirituality and meditation. Their universal shape is also conducive to personalization and thus perfectly accommodates an engraving or a photo. 

The massive oval plaques bring softness to the decoration of the concessions. Their solid shape allows them to be placed on edge or completely flat. They are therefore modular and can be adapted to suit your wishes.


These simple and original rectangular blocks offer endless possibilities.


Placed side by side, they form a mosaic of memories, thoughts or simply words.


With its soft shape, the heart block makes it possible to pay a tribute full of delicacy.


Symbols of eternity and new beginnings, the spheres complete the new Sansone Collection.


The pebble is the product that combines the essence of our collection, it is freely inspired by nature and provides a natural look. DISCOVER ALL OUR NEW PRODUCTS