Sansone, over 60 years of positive energy!

Our journey begins one morning in 1958: Sansone is born from the passion of one man. Giuseppe Sansone, with a head full of ideas, created the company, which is still owned and run by the founding family today. Since its creation, the reputation of the Sansone Collection brand has continued to grow, becoming a true "quality" label on the mail order funeral art market.

Sansone: the heritage of a profession!

We have invested in modern production equipment and in the training of our teams. We are proud to still possess all the skills that make up our fine craft of stone cutting, deboning, polishing, carving, engraving, assembling & fitting, forming an almost unique team of journeymen.

As a manufacturer, Sansone Collection creates the models of its different ranges on demand in a hundred or so granites, stones and marbles carefully selected from all over the world.

In 60 years the company has evolved, grown and become international, our collections are distributed in many European countries.

Our offer

Sansone Collection offers funeral professionals a diversified catalogue and original creations.

Customer service

The company ensures a reactive and professional service, from advice to its customers to delivery.