The U50 granite mini urn is a simple and elegant model that perfectly complements our range of square urns. It can be personalised with engraved designs, a glued photo, a written epitaph... 

It has a watertight container which allows it to be placed outside. It can be placed outdoors, so it is weatherproof, just like the engravings that can be added. 

The U50 mini urn is available in 4 colours: 

  • Himalaya Blue
  • Maes Blue
  • Absolute Black
  • Viscount White

In addition, the U50 is available in 20 different models with designs created and designed by Sansone. 

U50-01-BUIS - A plant representing a symbol of life that endures, a symbol of hope and perseverance. 

U50-02 - Ladybird - This insect is known for granting wishes, bringing positive thoughts. 

U50-03 - Chrysanthemum - The Chrysanthemum is the flower of All Saints' Day. It is a symbol of immortality and longevity and blooms at the end of the year. 

U50-04 - Magnolia - The magnolia grows slowly and blooms several times a year, symbolising patience and longevity, it pays tribute with poetry. 

U50-05 - Heart - This urn represents love for a loved one. The light hearts are suspended and pay a delicate tribute. 

U50-06 - Bamboo - Bamboo is a very strong and sturdy wood, it bends but does not break. Related to friendship, joy and youth, it pays a touching tribute. 

U50-07 - Flight - This urn is full of poetry, a bird flies to the stars under the light of the moon. 

U50-08 - Imagine - This urn has been designed to pay tribute to the little one, imagine is a sweet design. Available in Fine Black and also in Viscount white, the design is engraved. Please note that Sansone Collection can reproduce a personal design on request.

U50-09 - Bird - This urn is filled with delicacy, to pay a simple and elegant tribute. 

U50-10 - Fox - Sansone Collection has developed an origami range, full of poetry... 

U50-11 - Elephant - Sansone Collection has developed an origami range, full of poetry. The Elephant is a symbol of wisdom and longevity. 

U50-12 - Polar Bear - Sansone Collection has developed an origami range, full of poetry. 

U50-13 - Dog - The urn is sublimated by a delicate engraving representing a friend of exceptional loyalty. 

U50-14 - Cat - A delicate engraved line draws a soft animal, symbol of courage and adventure. 

U50-15 - LANDMARK - This motif evokes the place that a loved one leaves in our memory.

U50-16 - PATH - Small engraved footprints run through the urn, giving the impression of a path that is being traced in a touching way. 

U50-17 - STARS - This poetic design represents that which shines eternally. 

U50-18 - CONSTELLATION - This urn, with its original and delicate design, pays an emotional tribute.

U50-19 - CROWN - This flowery wreath brings delicacy to a simple and elegant tribute. 

U50-20 - THREAD - The thread is the symbol of the link between all beings. This design represents the bond that unites us.

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Reference U50
Specifications L. 16 x W. 16 x H. 21 cm - Volume : 1,2 l - Weight : 11,44 kg
Included accessories sealed container : UP02 : ø 10 cm x H. 15,5 cm
Available in 4 colours


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