Vases are placed on the monument and decorate the plot in a harmonious way. Made of granite, they are weatherproof.
The T38-25 is supplied with a pot and bouquet holder to facilitate long-lasting flower arrangements.
Artificial, natural or seasonal flowers can be placed in Sansone Collection vases for a delicate and authentic tribute.
Sansone Collection vases can be personalised with an engraving: initials, a name, a memory, etc. The number of words can vary depending on the size of the vases.
Available in the 74 colours of our colour chart, this vase is suitable for most plots.

Height in cm
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Reference T38-20
Specifications ø 13 x H. 20 cm- Weight : 3,2 kg
Included accessories pot : GP-70-140 : ø 7 x H. 14 cm
Available in 74 colours

Reference T38-25
Specifications ø 18 x H. 25 cm- Weight : 13 kg
Included accessories pot : GP-100-200 : ø 10 cm x H. 20 cm. Flower-arrangement FB01
Available in 74 colours


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